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Pure Nexus

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   Pure Nexus

Pure [pyoor] adjective :


free from anything of an inferior kind; clear and true
Nexus [nek-suh s] noun :


connection or series of connections linking two or more things; a connected series or group; a central or focal point; a hub

Since starting out in the communications industry in 1995, we have worked hard to provide efficient and cost-effective business telecommunications to our customers. As technology experts, we specialise in business mobile, hosted IP Telephony (VoIP), phone systems and all elements of business connectivity.


From sole traders and small business through to corporate enterprise we offer tailored solutions, backed by the best networks and our leading technology partners.


We are based in the East of England and serve customers across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex by providing a range of competitive business mobile and telecoms systems.

01.Remarkable customer service and support

Pure Nexus works hard to provide the best customer service possible. We are a trusted telecoms partner, which is proven by many long-standing clients. We deal with networks or providers on your behalf and regularly meet with you to review and manage all aspects of your Pure Nexus account.

02.Independent and unbiased

Pure Nexus is totally independent from all telecom networks and manufacturers. This allows us to give unbiased advice as well as a huge choice of business phone networks, tariffs and handsets, telephony and communications solutions.

03.We understand businesses

Because we only work with businesses, we understand the level of service and support that you require and expect. Here to help when you need us the most, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards ideal telecoms solutions for your organisation.

04.We don’t speak in jargon

Communications is an industry renowned for its acronyms and abbreviation but we understand that not everyone is a technology expert. We aim to demystify the technical aspects and use our years' of expertise to deliver the perfect telecoms solution for you and your business.

05.Technology Consultants

Overcome your specific communication and operation challenges with support, advice and bespoke solutions, selected and integrated to meet your needs

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and analysis of your business telecoms requirements - get in touch for details!

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